St. Vincent + Diane von Furstenberg = Best NYFW Ever?

on Feb 13, 2014

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Many of you might not know this, but before my venture into the intimidating world of fashion/lifestyle blogging, I spent my spare moments as a hardcore music fan and concert photographer. Four years ago, my weeknights were filled with documenting live gigs for the music site I ran with my boyfriend, Rockscope, and I would constantly be listening to music. Constantly. Among my biggest obsessions from 2007 and onward is St. Vincent. From the moment my eyes locked with her doe-eyed stare on the album cover of Marry Me, an intuitive feeling creeped up inside me, whispering, “You’re going to love this.” Thirty seconds into the first track - Now, NowI was giving my intuition a pat on the back for being so damn accurate.

Though I no longer write about music, today I get to share my love of music and fashion combined! Last night, I discovered glorious two things. One, that St. Vincent is releasing a new album February 25th. Immediately after, I discovered glorious thing number two: she collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg for the designer’s 40th anniversary of the wrap dress. NYFW, this is going to be a tough one to top (in my book, at least).



St Vincent Now and Then Style Collage


Can we also take a moment to admire her new look? Throughout her first three albums, she maintained the signature doe-eyed stare, with sweet brunette curls and flushed lips (shown on the left); now, she shows off a shock of bleached, purple tinged hair with eerie, almost sinister gazes. Her newest album cover is just as strong, powerful, and commanding as her guitar riffs. Not to mention, that two-toned, frame hugging sequin dress is quite amazing.


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