Photo Series: Cherry Blossoms Barely in Bloom

on May 25, 2014

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted a photo series that even almost forgot that I’m a photographer! Kidding, kind of… while I don’t shoot nearly as often as I’d like, back in March I explored a local park with model Ali Griner. The park, located in Encino, is infamous for its cherry blossom trees that start blooming right around springtime. Sadly, during our shoot, the cherry blossoms still weren’t abundantly blooming, but that didn’t stop us from walking all around the park and getting some good shots! Click through to see my favorites from our quick session. 


01ali-griner-by-liz-caruso 02ali-griner-by-liz-caruso 04ali-griner-by-liz-caruso 05ali-griner-by-liz-caruso


And as always, you can view more of my photography work by visiting my portfolio website ;)


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