Featured Photographer: Lara Jade

on Feb 7, 2014

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve featured one of my favorite photographers on Casual Concern, and I’d like to do so today with the photographer I look up to most of all – Lara Jade. As a fellow young, female photographer, I can deeply relate to not only her oft-retro aesthetic, but also greatly admire her for her hard-working attitude, her persistence, her ambition, and (of course!) the execution and concept of her excellent images and editorials. She’s also a fantastic teacher – I’ve tuned into two of her Creative Live workshops (Fashion Photography 101, and Experimental Portraits), and have taken away not only so much useful information, but also a renewed creative spirit and inspiration. From what I know of her from afar, I would call Lara a helpful and generous soul; she has personal interactions with her fans on Facebook, shares her favorite resources and tips for inspiration, and answers as many questions as she can. So! Without further ado, some of my favorite photos of hers…

Hong Kong Tatler Photographed by Lara Jade


Hong Kong Tatler Photographed by Lara Jade


From Observer Magazine Photographed by Lara Jade


Material Girl Photographed by Lara Jade



From Observer Magazine Photographed by Lara Jade



60's Beach Story Photographed by Lara Jade


Rites of Passage Photographed by Lara Jade


50's Content Mode Photographed by Lara Jade


Above is an excruciatingly small selection of my favorite pictures that Lara has captured! If you like what you see (and I’m betting big bucks you do!) go see more of her work on Facebook, her website, or tune into her upcoming Creative Live session on Modern Women’s Portraiture.


All images featured in this post are copyright to Lara Jade.

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    • casualconcern

      February 11, 2014

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      Mine too, actually! Funny story – she used that image as the cover to her book, Fashion Photography 101, and I was drawn to pick it up just because of the cover! The rest is history, and now I’m a huge fan.

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