Hopelessly in Love with… Nishe

By on Apr 11, 2014 in Fashion | 4 comments

Nishe is a brand with designs fit for even the girliest of girls. I have the authority to make such a bold statement because I wear dresses every damn day. I wish I was kidding when I say that my friends all exclaim, “OMG, you’re wearing pants? I’ve never seen you wear pants!” whenever my legs are covered up by a pair of jeans. It would be more admirable if my decision to ban pants was made with the intention of curating a signature style for myself, but really what it boils down to is… I’m a lazy sloth. The idea of wearing pants is fun. In my reality, wearing pants means struggling to put together a coordinated outfit in the morning when I could be using that extra 5 minutes on another snooze cycle. Dresses are much more forgiving. All it takes is throwing one over my head, pulling on my shoes & tights, and it’s out the door for the day. I’ve been particularly in love with Nishe’s designs lately. They have tons of pretty dresses with silhouettes that hug the narrowest part of the waist, and adorable prints. I felt like sharing my favorite dresses of theirs today!

The Pressure to be Pinterest Perfect

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Pinterest: it’s a trap! At the surface, Pinterest is a practical way to save your favorite ideas and photos. Don’t be fooled – this is all part of its sneaky little trap. It lulls you into a hypnotic daze of houses with immaculate artwork hung upon stark white walls, freshly baked fruit tartlets, and plain tees that cost half a paycheck’s worth. Soon, your idea of a fun weekend is attempting to bake a layered rainbow cake, and inevitably ending up on a Pinterest fail website. (To the unicorn girls of the world who are able to successfully bake a rainbow cake, I apologize. Also, please overnight me a slice.)

Monday Musings… Lorde Calls Out the Photoshopping of Her Pictures

By on Mar 31, 2014 in Life | 1 comment

As a photographer, I have an interesting, and necessary relationship with Photoshop. My brain is literally trained to think about how to complement the lighting, or tweak the colors in Photoshop as I’m shooting. I try not to let it be a crutch, but I often catch myself thinking “this will look amazing once I retouch it.” As we all know, in recent years there’s been a huge pushback against Photoshop by the media, by celebrities, and by the public in general. Just earlier today, Lorde called out the photoshopping of one of her images from a concert, and I figured this was a perfect prompt to share my musings on Photoshop.

Top 5 Online Shopping Deals – Week of March 28, 2014

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I’m a notorious online shopper, with email subscriptions to more online retailers than anyone should – seriously, you should see the mess that is my inbox some times. On top of that, I’m a frequent sweepstakes & giveaway enterer (is that even a word?), so I’m thinking of making either a weekly online shopping deals and/or top fashion & beauty sweepstakes/giveaways a regular Friday series. What do you guys think? In the meantime, here are my 5 favorite promo codes, sales, and offers from my favorite stores this week!

Giveaway: Luvocracy Spring Beauty & Fashion

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My “luv” affair with Luvocracy began last year, when I was browsing gift guides for present ideas. The interface and concept is somewhat similar to Pinterest, but Luvocracy is centered moreso around sharing your favorite products, and curating your own online shopping collections. My favorite part is that if someone purchases one of your recommendations through the website, Luvocracy will credit you with a 2% commission. I’ve already earned a few checks through Luvocracy, so I would definitely recommend it to other bloggers (or non-bloggers, too!) out there who already love creating shopping guides & collections, and want an outlet to earn referral credits. So in today’s blog post, I’m partnering with Luvocracy for a giveaway!

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box!

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Subscription boxes – especially beauty boxes – are my new addictive must-haves. From beauty boxes, to snack boxes, to geek and gamer boxes, it seems there’s something out there for every personality type. (Who doesn’t love a surprise delivered to their mailbox every month, after all?) Today I’m reviewing the Wantable subscription box!

6 Cocktail Recipes to Get You Excited for the Weekend

By on Feb 25, 2014 in Life | 16 comments

Guys, is it really only Tuesday? I’m aching for it to be the weekend so I can mix up some delicious drinks! Today, I wanted to share a photography collaboration between myself and my boyfriend (a fellow talented photographer), for a new, mobile-friendly cocktail recipe site called Monster Cocktails. We had a raucously fun two weekends as we photographed nearly 100 classic recipes, and the results came out beautifully. Check out my six favorite mouth-watering photos of the cocktails!

That Time I Met Mischa Barton… Or, Why I Should Be Fearless More Often

By on Feb 20, 2014 in Life | 34 comments

During the summer of 2011, I attended a music and arts festival called Bloomfest in Downtown Los Angeles. The evening would’ve already been wonderful, due to the company of good friends, and a delicious, massive sushi dinner I’d just consumed in the neighboring Little Tokyo. With that said, it was made even more special by a coincidence that brought out my inner The OC fangirl: while waiting for the first band to go on stage, I spotted Mischa Barton less than 20 feet away.